2-in-1 Sourcing Model

By February 13, 2018 No Comments

Our distinctive sourcing model provides you collective benefits of multiple and single sourcing. You can achieve robust production and risk management among our list of specialized manufacturers with simply one efficient point of contact.

We enhance your administrative efficiency from soliciting with a variety of suppliers. With fewer contracts, phone calls, less paperwork and comprehensive coverage of different time zones, it is much easier and more cost efficient to deal with one responsive CML window as we do understand and will execute before your voices.


Deliveries bundling enable us to offer powerful deals with factory production line managers directly which benefit our customers by achieving higher priorities, better demand and supply allocation with lower inventory cost.


With our international PCB and order management experts, overseas and time-consuming complicated processes will be streamlined and integrated. You will be served only with the best commercial and manufacturing solutions. Your audits, documentations, multi-language communication, delivery management and technology accesses can never be just that simple.


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