February 03, 2020

Special Arrangements and Updates due to Covid-19

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 (previously known as the Corona Virus), we would like to inform you of the precautionary actions that we have put in place in order to ensure the health and safety of all our stakeholders. In addition, we will give you an outlook concerning our planned supply of your products.


First and foremost, none of our team members or family members are affected or under suspicion of COVID-19 in any CML location. At the same time, we will continue to implement and maintain all necessary measures to ensure health and safety for all stakeholders.




How will this affect our manufacturing timeline?

Our manufacturing facility had resumed production much earlier than most China factories since 3rd February. There are only 6 infections in Jiangyou (Sichuan province) and all of them have recovered since mid of February. With more than 90% of the workers being Sichuan locals, there was no need for them to travel during the Chinese New Year holiday. Therefore our manpower is the most healthily sufficient among all our suppliers. Besides, more than enough material was prepared to respond to local government’s urgent project – PCBs of medical thermometers comply with national epidemic prevention policies.


Our partner factories are running production and are rushing to increasing their capacity since mid of February. All have been certified to start production by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Chamber of Internal Commerce. Considering tightened transportation and customs measures announced out of China, our SCM team continues to actively seek for best arrangements for all urgent delivery needs. We generally perform better than IPC’s industry average and we would monitor closely and prepare to any updates in transportation rules.

How will this affect your shipments?

CML cares about any potential COVID-19 impact on your supply chain. Due to recent government restrictions on global logistics, airports and travels, additional declines of global air freight and cargo capacities are foreseeable and causing complications. CML is striving to manage production and material costs to minimize price increase to our customers.


According to IPC’s recent report in Mar 2020, electronics manufacturers and suppliers expect a general average delay of five-weeks. Optimistically, the majority of companies expect business operations to be “back to normal” by July 2020. CML is currently standing strong and performing much better than industry average. With significant support by Chinese local government and many customers and our manufacturing facility has been receiving booming demands since February.


We truly understand the impact of delays for global industries. As the situation in China stabilizes, more companies chose to continue production or switch more orders back to China. We are working closely with our forwarders to minimize the potential impacts to our customers.


We care about our customers’ needs and we wish to provide the best PCB solutions for you. These times are very challenging for all of us and with flexibility and a partnership approach, we will be able to overcome these months.

Will our services and support be compromised?

The answer is no, as we have invested into a greater IT facility, our team which is located across 16 international cities are connected in our virtual office via cloud, allowing us to continue supporting you like usual.


Overall, operations run normally, our offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Germany etc face no risks of operation breakdown. The account teams are in close contact with our customers for delivery details and we will switch to weekly update routine to cover new developments. We will continue to keep track of and responding to any new government health and safety updates and maintaining stable supply of protections to every employee.

We will keep you updated with more details and make reliable plans for you and your products.

For more information please feel to get in touch with your local contact person or contact us directly at info@cml-eurasia.hk/ info@cml.ag


Thank you for your kind attention and support!


Updated on 31st March 2020