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CML Chemistry

CML Chemistry

Our customers’ satisfaction is our main KPI, that’s why we continuously strive for excellence when it comes to the reliability and quality of our products and service. For your PCBs and the manufacturing process, we don’t want to just control quality but to be a part of the technology development right from the very start, beginning with the material.

We have always worked closely with our material suppliers. After many years of close collaboration with our Immersion Tin supplier, INNOTECH we took the next step and formed a joint venture, CML Chemistry Co-Ltd.

Immersion Plating Technology

CML Chemistry specializes in Immersion Plating Technology and with the support of our partner, we have greater access to resources, specialized experts and technology. PCB customers and manufacturers face a common problem, white solder mask peel off with Immersion Tin. CML Chemistry and our manufacturing facilities in Sichuan, have found the solution to resolve this issue – by fine tuning the solder mask process and adjusting the pretreatment of immersion tin.

Solutions for PCB Customers

Together with CML Chemistry, we can provide our PCB customers with solutions to enhance the production quality processes during the early product development stage. Our experts located in Asia and Europe, can offer expertise and support to your manufacturers to resolve problems that are related to Immersion Tin service.


Reliability and Credibility

A patent is applied to our chemical products to protect our intellectual property, guarantee reliable and credible products to our customers. CML and CML Chemistry always provides value add to our customers where our competitors can’t.

It’s our vision to bring you the best customer experience.