Our Factory




Jiangyou Starteam Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (Starteam) was established in 2013 and integrated into CML in 2020. With this strategic decision we trust that we further develop our business model and will be able to provide top quality PCBs and flexible solutions to our customers worldwide today and in the future.

Starteam is located nearby Chengdu in Sichuan, China. We are connected to Europe by train through the silk road railway which we use weekly, fast and environmentally friendly, to send our products to our distribution warehouse in Karlsruhe, Germany. From there, we arrange at your convenience the shipments to your production facilities. The key strength of our factory lies in our mind-set. Based on 20+ years of experience in Automotive industry, we successfully established Starteam as a local company with a German quality system.


Starteam is a German PCB manufacturer in China. Our factory is under German and Chinese management consisting of several experienced experts from both worlds. Our Plant Director Uwe Schneider has over thirty years’ experience in PCB production in Germany and Shenzhen and our General Manager HB Yang is one of the most recognized PCB Experts in China with deep knowledge in Technology and Production. Each product is important to us – a lot of care and consideration goes into all the PCBs we manufacture.

German Quality Mindset

Throughout our factory and the production team, we have implemented standards and training based on the requirements from the Automotive and Medical industry. We have precaution and quality systems such as IATF16949 and ISO 13485 in place. All our products are UL certified and are registered under the CQC to comply with the local market.

Capabilities & Resources

With Starteam’s capabilities and resources, our product portfolio is enhanced to cater to a great range of different industry requirements such as: automotive, medical, white goods, industrial, telecommunication, energy and lighting. With abundant resources and links to local and global markets, CML has a competitive edge among other PCB providers for 2-8 layer, metal substrates and heavy copper 6oz.


Meanwhile we are continuously investing and expanding the factory facilities and ramping our output up to 50k sqm/month. Our plan is to increase monthly output to 200k sqm/months in the coming years for both export and local businesses, supporting different market demands.

Globally Connected

Our connection between Starteam and CML globally is a strength that will benefit all our customers, especially those located in Europe. Our weekly rail shipment from Chengdu to Germany, reduces the transit time by three weeks compared with sea freight. With faster lead times and a higher frequency of departures, it allows us to optimize your supply chain providing security and flexibility. The carbon footprint is reduced up to approx. 90% lower CO2 compared to air freight and 30% less than sea freight.


Beside our Logistic service offer in Europe, you can communicate in the same time zone with our Team. From all CML offices, we are connected to the production line in Starteam with our global IT infrastructure. Engineering solutions, Delivery Dates or requested Quality reports – all this can be provided in your mother tongue and “live” through our unique global set-up.

Environmentally Responsible

At CML, we actively care for the environment and people. Starteam has been awarded with China’s National 2 Class of sewage disposal, our continuous energy and water saving program certifies us with the National Class 3 standard. We also provide regular training, workshops and team building events to encourage continuous improvement and communication throughout the organization. With this approach, we successfully established the best out of the two worlds: A German quality mindset based on competitive cost to fulfill your product requirements.


We are confident that you will benefit from us as your PCBs manufacturer and solutions provider.

For more information: www.starteampcb.com