CML Supplier Relationship Paradox

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What do we mean by CML Supplier Relationship Paradox?


In general, a paradox is seen as something self–contradictory, two tendencies which can’t work hand in hand. Many people in organizations tend to make a decision in one direction and give less importance to the other. In the PCB industry, many believe that you can only achieve your KPIs based on a business relationship without personal rapport. However, we studied this phoneme and discovered that we do not have to choose one over the other – in order to achieve the best results for all stakeholders. With backbone and heart, it is possible to combine the advantages of each behavior to come to a more complete result with long–term benefits.

At CML, we believe that a good relationship with our suppliers is vital for sustainable success and opportunities.  KPIs are only a part of our SCM, we also focus on fostering trust and nurturing the relationship with our suppliers. Apart from our ever increasing roster of suppliers, our very first partners are still our suppliers to this day.

With our unique relationship achieved via a solid foundation of trust brings operational excellence throughout all levels of the supply chain. Our harmonious relationship from the operational level – right up to the top management level makes our collaboration more efficient and effective. This also eliminates unnecessary workload and helps resolve challenging situations in a harmonious way.


Personal Relationships

  • Sense of reliability: we can always depend on each party to deliver the needed products in the right time & quality
  • Caring about more than business: recognizing that we are all human beings
  • Trust: communicate openly and honestly with constructive input
  • Regular communication: constantly aligning the vision and missions of our companies
  • Deeper understanding: always managing each others expectations and values
  • Mutual support: contributing to the market solutions and quality products by always helping each other


  • On-time delivery
  • Interacting as one team with our customers on a daily basis
  • In full delivery: ensuring the correct items are delivered in the correct quantities
  • Damage-free delivery
  • Documentation based on VDA 6.3 and ISO standards
  • Supply variability
  • Demand flexibility
  • Operating costs
  • Performance-to-plan
  • Inventory control


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