Corporate Social Responsibility

Our role in society

Our role in society

We do not just focus on business alone. Responsibility is one of our corporate values and we believe that success is not only down to being responsible to our stakeholders. It is also taken into consideration the contribution to the greater good of society.

Acting in an ethical manner is actively and positively present in the communities that CML are present in.

We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the planet


Our environmental policy defines CML’s approach to improving the global environment, which includes the following work:

  • We assess, check and evaluate our factories to ensure that they consistently strive to safeguard human rights and maintain environmental standards that comply with regional laws.
  • We always take environmental issues into account when we choose new factories and shipping partners.
  • We offer seminars to bring our customers up to date and provide guidance on selecting the best material for a specific solution as well as offering advice during the design stage.

    For more information please refer to our code of conduct.

    A time to give


    In 2005, our co-founders Mr. Klaus Jacob and Mr. Guenter Hoeft established the CML Jacob-Hoeft Foundation with the aim of supporting people and institutions in need. To date, the Foundation has actively supported projects such as DKMS – the German Bone Marrow Donation Center, Children’s Aid Honduras and Aktion “Protection of Children Karlsruhe”. Through the Foundation, we also create non-binding bonds with our partners – reliable connections for good. Please find a word from Mr. Michael König, Board of Management, and Mr. Klaus Jacob, Consultant, here.


    You can also find out more about the Foundation’s activities here. For more inquiries or if you believe that a specific project should receive financial support from the CML Jacob-Hoeft Foundation, please download and fill out the Funding Application and submit your funding request to: