Corporate Social Responsibility

CML Jacob-Hoeft Foundation

CML Jacob-Hoeft Foundation


Since its foundation, CML has grown steadily and successfully, so has our social obligation to society. We are situated between wealth and poverty and the gap is constantly widening. For us, it is important to not only talk about helping others but to also act and contribute actively by supporting those in need.


The CML Jacob-Hoeft Foundation vision is inspired by one of the CML values – Responsibility. What we mean by this is that we have a social commitment to assisting those in need. Both of the CML founders, Klaus Jacob and Guenter Hoeft, have already let this vision become a reality in 2005 when they established the former CML-Europe Jacob-Hoeft-Foundation. Since then, different projects are supported each year and how important such an engagement is.


Since 2005, we have been supporting and promoting:

  • Youth welfare / volunteer groups & association activities
  • Persons dependent on aid due to their physical or social situation
  • Promotion of care responsibilities e.g. Nursing care, Family centers
  • Organization of environmental care
  • Lebenshilfe Hohenzollernalb


    Lebenshilfe Hohenzollernalb (Life Assistance) as an organization at federal state and district level has provided important impulses for politics and society in order to make people with disabilities equal to everyone else.


    They pursue goals such as safeguarding human rights, achieving participation and shaping coexistence in a society for all. In this way, people with different disabilities have the opportunity to take part in working life – under suitable conditions.

    Our customer, the Helmut Hechinger in Schwenningen has for years been supporting various charitable projects. The Hechinger Company is personally associated with the aftercare clinic in Tannheim, which offers highly qualified, four-week aftercare for children with cancer, heart or cystic fibrosis diseases. There is also support for the children’s families as well as care for families who have lost their children due to illness.

    This support also fits in perfectly with the purpose of the CML Jacob-Hoeft-Foundation – it’s why we decided to support the aftercare clinic in Tannheim. The donation was communicated during the opening of the new production building in Dauchingen of The Hechinger Company.

    Rainer Scharinger & Friends


    The CML Jacob-Hoeft-Foundation supports the Rainer Scharinger & Friends actively and financially.  Mr. Moritz Hoeft, Managing Director of CML Europe is a part of the Rainer Scharinger & Friends soccer team. On 14th July 2017, Moritz Hoeft participated in the fundraising soccer match in Ettlingen-Schöllbronn.

    In turn Rainer Scharinger & Friends distributes the fund to several local institutions such as the following projects: Diakonisches Werk Geschäftsstelle Ettlingen (Diaconal work, office Ettlingen) and the Tafelladen Ettlingen (“table shop”) support people with low incomes by supplying them with low-cost food items, as well as all the administrative and organizational costs incurred in order to create small financial leeway.


    We also support the Municipal Clinic for Children and Adolescent Psychiatry that treats a wide range of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders – such as depressive illnesses, eating disorders, psychotic diseases and personality disorders. There is also treatment for chronically ill children and adolescents as well as patients with stress disorders.

    FUoKK Städt. Klinikum-S24-Regenbogen (City Clinic), support for the Children’s Hospital in Karlsruhe. Children fighting cancer generally have to go through long term stays at the oncology ward, with the help of a playroom, a school on the ward and the latest technology this is made a little easier. To date, equipment worth over €750,000 has been purchased. As a result the ward is up-to-date with the latest medical technology.


    The hospice Arista in Ettlingen accommodates critically ill and dying people from the city and district of Karlsruhe. They support these people, whom they call their guests – in their last phase of life. There, people lovingly accompany them and create an atmosphere of security by fulfilling their psychological, social and spiritual needs.


    The Children’s Table association, was initiated when it came to the attention of the founders, that some children in Karlsruhe were not receiving a warm meal due to a financial or a socially difficult situation for their parents. They acted by committing to providing direct and non-bureaucratic help. This inspired them to act and they committed to giving direct and non-bureaucratic help. Through charity events, the association donates all proceeds to subsidize and cover the costs of warm lunches at institutions and partner restaurants – throughout Karlsruhe.

    LOAN Foundation: A new school for Ban Trang in North Vietnam


    Ban Trang is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters and it is one of the poorest villages in North Vietnam. It is in a municipality that is completely isolated, in an area that is difficult to access. At present, 30 children of school age live in the village. Either alone or with their parents, they had to cover up to 14 kilometers to reach the nearest nursery school. In June 2017, the new building was inspected and inaugurated by the LOAN Foundation team on site.

    Kids Amani


    “We are a non-profit organization that gives people in Kenya new perspectives.”

    Through “active help for self-help”, the association’s primary goal is to build up a broad middle class. Uplifting society can only be achieved through equal education for children and adults, which does not exist in Kenya.  However, this can only be achieved through equal education for children and adults, which does not exist in Kenya. We have already taken the first step: we have built an orphanage with an integrated school.

    For non-local projects e.g. LOAN foundation or Kids Amani, a representative from Germany will regularly check and oversee the projects on-site. This is to make sure that the monies donated are being used for the purpose intended and to avoid corruption.

    For more information or funding request, please contact: