September 08, 2014

CML Europe supports FED Conference 2014

It is a fact that the local European PCB manufacturing industry is shrinking. Local PCB manufacturers are leaving, followed by the local supply industry, supporting with raw materials, machines and chemistry.

A recent prominent example is the closure of a copper foil producer in Germany. This leaves Europe with only one local copper foil producer remaining.

Before this challenging backdrop, CML Europe strongly believes that our European PCB industry will only remain competitive globally with a well-educated, well-informed and well-networked industry community.

The decision to sponsor this year´s FED conference in Bamberg, Germany (Sep 18-20, 2014) is underlining our conviction with action.


This leading congress of the electronics industry attracts more than 400 participants from interrelated disciplines (designers, PCB producers, assemblers, suppliers, researchers, component producers) each year.


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