enero 20, 2020

CML manufactures Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) solutions

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) plays an important role in our day to day life. Whether it’s the car you’re driving, the phone that you’re scrolling through or computers that you’re sending emails from. What happens when you use heat generating components on a PCB? That’s right, cooling is needed!

At CML we understand that effective thermal management is essential for system reliability and durability because improper heat management can cause failures in electronic systems. CML PCB expertise supports the operation of electronic products within prescribed heat range and avoiding extreme and critical temperatures. Some applications require specific characteristics in PCBs especially for temperature-sensitive products like automotive LED lighting.

Heat generating components must be cooled down to maintain the proper function of the device. Besides transferring heat via additional components such as heat sink applications, the PCB itself can be used for thermal management. We can manufacture PCBs with better thermal conductivity e.g. by adding thermal vias, using IMS materials or copper  inlays.
CML provides PCB solutions for some of the largest automotive brands. Around 80% of our customers are in the automotive industry. Aluminum-based substrates are used for most automotive LED applications.


Let’s begin by choosing the right materials, this is a crucial process to achieve successful thermal management results. We have a wide range materials available ranking from the well-known global brands but also local alternative brands with comparable performance.


The thermal conductivity for the materials typically ranges from 2.0W/mK to 5.0W/mK.

For example – 1 layer IMS Aluminum substrate
For example – 1 layer IMS Copper substrate with thermal vias
Besides these options we can also provide other customized solutions based on your requests. Please contact us for more information at marketing@cml.ag