diciembre 20, 2019

CML poised to be "More than a manufacturer"

The I-Connect007 Editorial Team recently spoke with Chris Minard, director of business development at CML, about how CML’s business model has evolved and some of his insights about manufacturing trends around the globe right now.

Our new slogan «More than a manufacturer,» plays off how we’ve changed very significantly over the past few years. When we were founded in Germany in 2001, we were a PCB sourcing company and were very much an automotive market supplier. We’ve been able to grow over the last 18 years and have evolved into manufacturing to provide even more comprehensive PCB solutions for our customers. Now, we’re in 16 different locations worldwide and 12 different countries with more expansion planned for 2020. All of our growth is organic, so we move into a market, hire local people located in the country, speak the native language, and, of course, operate on the local time zones.

In the interview, we cover the the global manufacturing trends, insights on the impact and solutions for the U.S. and China tariffs and our new business model. To find out more you can read the interview here: CML_PCB007-Dec2019