mai 15, 2014

CML emerging in Global PCB Education

CML, globally the largest PCB provider, pro-actively focuses on education programs around the topics of PCB technology and the commercial aspects. The seamless cooperation among CML sites across continents is put to good use for the benefit and education of Master degree students of « Engineering Procurement » at universities in Europe and Asia. This year´s program was jointly conducted with the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany. During the months of April and May, two sessions on two continents were held.

The first part of the workshop in April 2014, lectured by CML Europe experts Beate Möller and Wolfgang Brodbeck, concentrated around the topics of cost conscious PCB design and the theory of PCB manufacturing. It was held at the university compound of the Ingolstadt University. A group of 25 students learnt the ins and outs in today´s state of the art technical PCB procurement. These CML Europe workshops are becoming so popular that even EMS companies and OEMs attended the program.


During the second part of the workshop – held in May at a CML partner PCB manufacturer in China – the same 25 students then learnt about the unique CML business model providing sophisticated risk management, high flexibility, paired with only a very lean management effort on the customers procurement side, when using CML.


During the China workshop, additional sessions addressed the following topics:

  • Automotive industry today and in the future
  • Modern Supplier Management
  • Forward thinking approach for Key Account Management

    A guided tour through the real life PCB fabrication completed the program.


    Theo Langer, CML EurAsia’s Sales & Marketing Director, said: « Our vast experiences in PCB technology, its economic and cultural aspects when it comes to sourcing in Asia is put to good use by sharing it with young upcoming professionals. This is one are where CML shows commitment for sustainability within the PCB industry. Sustainability has many facets. For us education, continuous learning and passing on experience are important parts in this equation. »