CML Makes a Move – a Look into our New Building

We are very proud to be able to present to you our new home. Back in June 2020 we relocated from our former office in Waldbronn to a newly built space situated just on the outskirts of Karlsruhe. Our office is at the heart of a constantly expanding industrial area with upcoming establishments around, with quick access to the highway which makes it easy for anyone who wishes to come and visit us.

We had stayed in our previous building for more than ten years. So, you can imagine, there was a lot of planning and work to be done. Our move happened during the pandemic which meant things were a bit more challenging and took a bit longer than planned. But in the end, it was worth the wait.


Our building is a highly modern and very well-equipped space with a lot of flexibility. In particular, taking inspiration from our other CML locations and applying an open office design with flexible seating arrangements. This gives our team freedom and mobility to choose where they’d like to sit and bringing them closer together.

At CML we are very conscious about sustainability and being as green as possible. This philosophy was considered and followed through in the building design. We have optimized a range of energy saving and renewable energy such as the application of photovoltaic panels. Under normal conditions, the photovoltaic electrical power is capable to run the complete building sufficiently without the need to use power from public utilities. Saving energy is a key feature in our new office building, equipped with power saving LED lamps technology and electronic touchless water saving faucets.

Our building surrounded by nature, but we also have extensive revegetation over whole roof top to provide even more greenery for our team. We also have natural water irrigation for greening which ensures sufficient and ample use of water and prevents unnecessary water loss that could otherwise be useful. At CML, we are aware of the fact that e-mobility is a hot topic and fast-growing trend. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and adopting it as part of their lifestyle. So, we have provided a box room for bicycles with power station loading for e-bikes and 25% of our car parking spaces are prepared for e-car charging stations in the very near future.

This move is another milestone for CML, and we look forward to welcoming you to visit us once it is possible again.


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