PCB Solutions

Your reliable partner

Your Reliable Partner

We oversee every aspect of your unique PCB requirements: from research and development to new product introduction; and from mass production to end of life – allowing you to focus on your core business. Our strict auditing system – at each stage of PCB development – ensures that all our products adhere to exacting quality standards. No matter where you are or what challenges you face, we are able to assemble a seamless PCB solution that is tailor-made to fit your specific needs.


1. Have a PCB challenge?

Get in touch with us, it’s our passion to design a solution to the most challenging requirements. We will begin by understanding your expectations and requirements.


2. Optimize your project right from the start:

Our PCB know-how and experience began in the 1980’s with the founders of CML Europe. What’s more, our most knowledgeable experts have an average of 30+ years of PCB experience. We can consult and support you and your team on design for manufacture during your R&D stage.


3. Sampling and Mass Production:

We pay close attention and special care to each project. That’s why we only work with a selected portfolio of approved mass suppliers – to see your project through from infancy to maturity.


4. Customer Support:

You can rest assured that CML is your most reliable partner at every stage of your product life cycle – to the very last board and beyond. Our global team is able to promise you the right solution to your specific challenge, every single time.


Our Capabilities

We provide a broad spectrum of PCB knowledge and expertise with global experts in pcb manufacturing and design. Our portfolio ranges from single & double sided, multi layer, highly advanced HDI, bendable, rigid-flex and high-frequency boards.

Our accumulated automotive know-how and quality standard enhances and drives our presence in all industries. Apart from automotive, our other key markets include white goods, industrial, telecommunications and data. 

We don’t just understand PCBs but also the fact that every PCB is unique – and that your requirements will vary according to the application and industry standards.  Our team of experts will oversee each process and stage of your project lifecycle.


For more information on some of the key capabilities that we currently offer and support:

Cannot find the specific information you need? No problem, get in touch with us and we will find the best solution for you.

Technical Expertise

Our Engineering and Technology department continuously scout for state-of-the-art technologies aiming to recommend the most appropriate solution for your project. With our suggestions on ‘Design for Manufacture’, you can count on a robust design with high efficiency.


You can also benefit from high data integrity and a sophisticated filter to clarify important technical complications – and check for engineering questions before your project proceeds into mass production. We also extend hands-on training and seminars for our customers at our quick turn sampling shop s.m.a.r.t. and our PCB knowledge hub.

Quality Assurance

Rely on our focused and deliberate attitude towards zero defect quality. CML is ISO qualified and our chosen suppliers are qualified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. To ensure and adhere to the strict automotive quality standards, we perform annual internal audits according to VDA 6.3 standards on all our suppliers. Further we have our own Product Safety Officer (PSB) to fulfill requirements of the automotive industry for product safety and product liability.


We provide quality technical support on site with our task forces consisting of IPC certified trainers and specialists, resident engineers, supplier & customer quality assurance teams for quality control, supply chain management, and audits. What’s more but we also implement a continuous improvement process. This means we always share the challenges experienced, as well as the solutions and lessons learnt, with all our suppliers in order to prevent the same situation from occurring again.


All initial samples are checked thoroughly with our own IPC certified specialists. We have total product ownership and our UL logo is proudly printed on all our PCBs because we take accountability for all our boards.

Supply Chain Management

Our qualified suppliers transform your project data into precisely finished boards, every single time.

We work with a selection of long-term suppliers who have passed our rigorous screening – and who are maintained via regular audits. Based on their capabilities to your PCB design, we pair the most suitable factory to optimize its strengths. This eliminates unnecessary risks and potential complexities.

From the very first day of collaborating with our suppliers, our relationship goes from strength to strength. We always focus and emphasize the importance of building strong and sustainable partnerships. Our current suppliers provide quality, solutions and a sense of security to our customers. However to ensure that our customers have access to the latest technologies, we are always proactively looking out for new potential suppliers.

High Mix Low Volume

What is the most important for High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) projects? Often, it is not possible for one single PCB plant to cover all the PCBs that require different layer-counts, technologies and volume etc. If they do – then the price will be high, and the lead time is mismatched.


CML is your significant partner for HMLV solutions because we choose the most fitting plant with the matching volume and technology for your project. We have a dedicated and cross-functional team that will manage your HMLV projects, where we will select the most suitable specialized HMLV factory for you.


You can expect reliability, fast performance and competitive pricing for HMLV (C-Parts). Our IPC-A-600 trainers and specialists will provide onsite support for all quality matters​. Our certified IATF16949 and VDA 6.3 auditors perform system-, process- and product-audits on a yearly basis, intended to substitute individual audits. Our sales, engineering, logistic and quality teams are working on site for you to receive the best quality boards on time!

Logistics Solutions

Helping you to create the perfect PCB is just the beginning of our customized solutions. We don’t stop there, we also assist you throughout your whole supply chain – from end to end. When your boards are ready, we deliver them via our customized and cost-efficient logistics solutions.

  • Consignment stock (CMI , VMI)
  • Freight cost optimization
  • Safety stock inventory (CML warehouses in Germany & Mexico)
  • Delivery via de-centralized logistics hubs (3 continents)
  • Just-in-time

    We also provide customized value added services according to your requirements.