March 09, 2020

CML Enlightens Your Journey

CML are the leaders for PCB solutions, we specialize in manufacturing and sourcing. Our global engineering team supports your new projects throughout the whole PCB process, from the first idea right through to the end of life productionWe understand our customer needs such as best product performance, increased reliability and cost effectiveness.  


With our established manufacturing infrastructure, wcan provide different kinds of technologies tailored to your needsIn the high demanding Automotive Industry one of our solutions are PCBs attached to aluminum plate which are used for LED technology for example lighting products like the headlights. Exceptional thermal conductivity performance, reliability and flexibility is requested for those PCBs.


Manufacturing process

Bonding on aluminum plate after Flex PCB production can be done as unit or as panel. Special fixture will be used for precision, by placing the unit to prevent misalignment or wrong direction.


For cost effectiveness we recommend placing the single Flex PCB and using the fiducials from the unit for assembly.

Different punching tools for the cover lay, bonding sheet, aluminum plate and Flex PCB are needed. In the sample state of a PCB, a laser can be used for the cover lay, the bonding sheet and the Flex PCB. Routing can be used for the aluminum plate. If a white cover lay is specified, punching is recommended to prevent burn marks by the laser.

Our capability for Flex PCBs

CML engineers are profound experts for this design and process. A lot of our customers rely on us and so can you.
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