CML Joins the Fight Against Covid-19


Due to the Covid-19, the world is fighting a global pandemic. With the increase in cases, the precautionary measures to prevent against the Covid-19 has led to an increase in demand for epidemic prevention devices and materials such as infrared laser thermometers.

On 1st February 2020, the Chinese government officially announced an urgent need of 50 million pieces of medical thermometers for detecting and preventing Covid-19. Sichuan Youkede Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is one of the only two infrared thermometer manufacturers in Sichuan province. In order to ensure the reliability of their products, they cooperated with Mianyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Mianyang Third People’s Hospital to carry out clinical trials.



We at CML and our factory were approved as Sichuan Youkede’s qualified PCB supplier. Within five days, we delivered 10,000 pieces of two-layer, FR4, rigid PCBs to their Loboor thermometers and we are continuing to fulfill their large volume medical order. These thermometers will be used globally and in China at hospitals, airports, schools etc to detect and fight Covid-19.



Our factory is strategically located in Sichuan, where more than 90% of the workers are Sichuan locals and did not have to travel during Chinese New Year. So we were able to resume production since the beginning of February – much earlier than most factories in China. Thanks to the sufficient material supply, we were well prepared to respond to the government’s urgent order of PCBs for infrared thermometers for medical use that complies with the national epidemic prevention policies.

Despite all the difficulties during the epidemic period, the highest government priority through out Youkede’s supply chain has driven extremely effective production processes successfully. The first perfect lot of Loboor WL-801 model Infrared thermometers were completed in just 10 days instead of months.

Apart from PCBs for thermometers, we are also manufacturing PCBs for other medical equipment such as ventilator machines and dialysis machines. We at CML are also doing our best to do our part in contributing to the fight against Covid-19, while making reliable plans for you and your products.

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