July 29, 2013

CML Pacific website for "The Americas" is now up and running

On July 29, 2013 CML launched its third website.

Let us quickly recap what happened since January 2013.



In an attempt to become more local and tailored CML EurAsia launched its first and major website in Hong Kong www.cml-eurasia.hk

Here, all existing and potential customers can learn why CML EurAsia is the most convenient way of sourcing PCB’s.



In May 2013 we launched www.s-cml.hk to purely focus on the supplier base and/or potential new production partners.



Now 2 months later, in a further step to go global and yet stay with a local feel, the focus includes “The Americas”.

We are proud to announce the launch of www.cml-america.com

With a market size for PCBs of 3 to 3.5 Billion USD “The Americas” is the largest western market and deserves special attention.

You are invited to browse our latest and for the time being last new website.