Starteam CML opens new Sales Office in Istanbul, Turkey


In line with Starteam CML strategy to provide close, local Sales and Customer Service in all key markets, the company has hired Mr. Sadi Kokici to oversee the Turkish market and based in the country’s biggest city, İstanbul.

Daniel Jacob, CEO of STARTEAM GROUP commented: “We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Kokici to our group and to enjoy his vast expertise in the PCB industry to provide the best possible Customer Service to our customers in the Turkish market. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we believe he will be able to make a difference in the way we expand our business in such important market. Germany and Turkey have always enjoyed a special connection, and we are delighted to offer close, local services to our customers in this growing region.”

Sadi Kokici, who is also a trained electronic engineer, added: “I am excited to join Starteam CML, a highly reputed global player in the industry and be able to lead the group’s operations in Turkey. Turkish companies have been heavily investing in a variety of new technologies over the past few years, including electric vehicles and sustainable energy sources, which has triggered an increase in PCB demand. With Starteam CML’s expertise and standing as a global manufacturer and supply chain leader, I have no doubt that we can be a fantastic partner for Turkish companies that require top quality, services and solutions for competitive prices. I am truly honored to be a part of this venture and I’m very much looking forward to starting interactions with Turkish customers.”


Please find Mr. Sadi Kokici’s contact details as follows:


Mobile: +90 542 721 7175



About Starteam CML:

Starteam CML is a global leader in the printed circuit board industry, specialized in PCB manufacturing and sustainable supply solutions for over 30 years. Our factory in Sichuan province, China, manufactures PCBs to the highest quality and reliability standards, including automotive safety requirements, supported by our Engineering & Quality experts. Starteam CML strives to deliver the most competitive premium products and supply solutions to satisfy all your PCB requirements.