CML Takes the Heat off your Power Electronics Applications


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are vital in our day to day life. Inevitably PCBs and electronic devices go hand and hand. Whether it’s the car you’re driving, the phone that you’re scrolling through or computers that you’re sending emails from. As an experienced electronics user, you may have noticed e.g. your phone starts to get a bit warmer or the hood of your car is hot after a drive. Over time, if there is not a suitable thermal management design delivering an effective heat dissipation for components across the circuit boards, it can lead to extreme and critical temperatures. This can affect performance, reliability and cause failures in the product.

If you would like to make your power electronics applications e.g. inverters, chargers, battery management systems, LED etc. more reliable with a longer lifespan, then CML has the solution for you. The CML Engineering team can provide technical know-how and customized solutions to ensure that your electronic products operate within the required specification and specified heat range. It is important to select and specify the most appropriate material for your particular thermal management application, and to achieve a reliable and cost-effective design. And insulated metal substrate (IMS) can do the job! 


CML IMS solutions offer cost-effective performance with straightforward fabrication, good mechanical stability, and a range of thermal conductivity to suit a wide set of configurations.  E.g. the automotive and e-mobility industry requires effective heat management solutions for system reliability due to high voltage and extreme thermal constraints.  


Success stories

Case 1: Research & Development

CML developed special IMS material to withstand high voltage requirements with higher thermal conductivity (5kV after PCB processing and 7W.m.k-1).This enabled us to meet the temperature specifications to fit the engines in the e-cars 


Case 2: Testing & Cost Reduction 

Supporting customers to validate their design through integrated prototyping under mass production conditions. Using the exact same set of materials and manufacturing lines resulted in significantly shorter time to market and up to 30% less R&D costs, compared to similar projects. 

We also developed a high voltage test methodology to guarantee consistent quality and speed up incoming inspection in customer factories.  


Case 3: Performance & Efficiency Improvements 

One of the main pain points of the e-mobility industry and users is the long charging time for e-cars compared to combustion engines. CML have found a solutions to resolve this concern with IMS boards in the on-board charger. It allowed our customer to eliminate costly ceramic boards, carry more power than standard PCBs and decrease charging time for the e-cars 


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