December 15, 2014

The Booming Automotive Industry in Asia

Looking at the growth numbers of the automotive industry in Asia, we see that in 2013 Asia sales pulled equal or even overtook (depending on the source) with sales in the NAFTA and Europe area combined.


Global sales of new cars mounted to 2.6 cars per second in 2013. With a worldwide growth rate of 4.3% in the automotive industry over last year, the epicenter for manufacturing has now moved to Asia.


Theo Langer, Sales & Marketing Director CML EurAsia says: “With the trend of car manufacturing shifting more towards Asia comes automatically the boom of the aftermarket parts business. This segment needs a tremendous amount of PCBs, too.


The large supplier base of the automotive aftermarket was impressively shown on this year´s “automechanika” in Shanghai (December 9-12th, 2014). From over 4,800 exhibitors in total, a large number was from the automotive aftermarket parts business. The aftermarket turnover for electronics in China is forecasted for 2014 at a level of 3.2 Bil USD. The growth rates over the last few years was in the order of 20%. Aftermarket parts is a large sub segment of the automotive market and CML EurAsia will gear its services for this customer base, too.


Concurrently held with “automechanika” was an AIAG “Leadership & Supplier Forum” on December 11th, 2014, where Purchasing Vice Presidents from various OEMS (Ford, GM, FCA, Geely, Volvo) shared their views on strategic sourcing topics, expectations and requirements. The topics sustainability and quality were high up on everyone´s presentations. Sourcing from within China and/ or other Asian countries is becoming more important, this holds true also for car manufacturing sites not located in China.

Theo Langer concluded: “For the shifting center of the automotive industry from the Western world to Asia, CML EurAsia is well prepared with a team of automotive experts in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Indonesia.