Unique services and differentiation

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Struggling with factories’ sales managers?

We work with production managers:

Our suppliers are more than just the people who oversee production, they also serve as strategic partners to CML. Besides connecting with the sales department, our unique business relationships enable us to have contact with factories’ production line managers and management teams directly – whenever it is needed.

We also make sure your requirements are being executed through regular meetings with core parties within our suppliers’ teams. What’s more, ahead of reviewing statistic data, suppliers’ reports and daily KPIs, our resident quality managers and PCB inspectors are on the factory floors.

In this way, we are able to monitor and minimize any possible gaps which might deviate from customers’ expectations. Our production planning team will manage your orders based on more than just figures from factories’ sales managers, but also what we have been touching, visiting and tracking on site.


Not a messenger but a project manager:

  1. Are slow-response times from the factory’s customer service team who are just acting as messengers impacting your core business?
  2. Do you have privilege on the production line; able to quickly deliver urgent requests directly to the factory floor?
  3. Are you being served by a sales manager who is not able to drive powerful production actions or influence decisions?
  4. Are you being given an objective comprehensive supply chain overview?
  5. Do you feel there may sometimes be a conflict of interest between the factories’ sales commission and targets, and your project being a priority?
  6. Are you frustrated by a time-consuming communication process across different departments, companies, and time zones?

So how does CML answer these typical challenges?

We serve you with independent project managers who are professional, truly familiar with PCB production processes – and are in close and direct contact with every key person-in-charge.

Our project managers and suppliers work together as a team with CML embedded engineers – inside the factories’ production lines. Our tailor-made and optimized solutions are executed seamlessly while we attend to your every need – from before production begins, to the qualifying process of your materials, to the final delivery of your finished product – directly into your hands.


Early involvement, in-depth risk management:

Material management is one of the keys contributing significantly to production feasibility and on-time delivery. Our strategic business relationships and early qualification with material suppliers ensure the highest inventory stability before customers’ production.

Factories’ capacities and capabilities are always on our tracking lists and we would make sure core strengths from each party are being maximized right from the beginning. When dealing with any sudden changes, special requirements and post-production modifications, we firmly believe early involvement, attention to detail and efficient response make for the most effective solutions.